Best Vegan Restaurant Guide in Copenhagen

In recent years plant-based diet has become very popular in Copenhagen. The locals are implementing sustainability in their everyday life, therefore it also comes to their diets.
Currently, Copenhagen offers a variety of vegan-friendly restaurants for each taste and occasion.
In the article, you can read about the restaurant selection that is entirely plant-based.


Experience plant-based casual fine dining at one of the most beloved vegan restaurants in Copenhagen, Ark offers high-quality meals that can be paired with different wines and cocktails from their cocktail bar. An important part of the restaurant is its use of sustainable and ecological products from nearby producers. Being aware of the environment and sustainability, the restaurant uses sustainability not only while preparing the dishes, but the restaurant itself is designed with sustainable furniture.

Best Vegan Restaurant Guide in Copenhagen

Vegan restaurant ARK

Noerre Farimagsgade 63, Copenhagen 1364

Flavour Bastards

If you want to enjoy delicious comfort food that is made out of plant-based ingredients, Flavour Bastards offer tasty burgers, fries pasta, and other great dishes that you can pair with their signature homemade lemonade. Mainly their menu varies from the local ingredients, as they are focused on ecological products. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch during the weekends as well as order take-away and enjoy it next to the beautiful Peblinge lake.

Vegan restaurant ARK


Ravnsborggade 12D, 2200 Copenhagen


For those willing to try the traditional Danish pastries or delicious cheesecakes and other baked goods, Kaf is the first vegan–friendly bakery in Denmark. Everything in Kaf bakery is plant-based, which makes people wonder, how? Because those who do not know that the pastries are plant-based, could not guess. 

The bakery’s mission is to offer plant-based baked goods for which the customers do not have to pay more than for regular cakes and pastries. 

The bakery is open for breakfast and lunch with a variety of freshly baked goods, which you can pair with one of their warm plant-based drinks.

Best Vegan Restaurant Guide in Copenhagen

Birkegade 21, 2200 Copenhagen

Plant Power Food

Enjoy delicious plant-based meals, made into artwork, Plant Power Food offers a variety of seasonal and healthy ingredient dishes. Every dish is beautifully served and follows the restaurant’s mission to “promote a healthy plant-based lifestyle and educate people on how to make the changes in their life”. While enjoying your lunch or dinner, you can read different educational materials of the plant-based lifestyle.

The restaurant serves a variety of alcohol-free beverages that you can pair with your meal.

Best Vegan Restaurant Guide in Copenhagen

Faelledvej 15, Copenhagen 2200


Try one of the most delicious plant-based burgers in Copenhagen, Souls offer a variety of vegan-friendly meals, however, one of the must-try dishes is the “Mushroom and Truffle burger”. Souls also offer a selection of homemade lemonades and cocktails to pair with the food. 

During the summertime, Souls have a summer terrace, where the sunny days can be enjoyed while having lunch or dinner and refreshing homemade drinks.

Best Vegan Restaurant Guide in Copenhagen

Frederiksborggade 21, Shop 6, 1360 Copenhagen K

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