The Scandinavian Fashion Style

Scandinavian fashion trends make a lot of people inspired all over the world. If you are wondering how they make their outfit so stylish, this ultimate guide will help you to get acquainted with all the best Scandinavian fashion brands, trends and designers.

The essence of the Nordic style is coming from the combination of some opposites such as functionality and aesthetics, simplicity and luxury and not to forget conventionality and elegance. However, these combinations are never confusing or odd, they make the best out of them.

Here you can read some basic rules and concepts behind the Nordic fashion design:

  • Minimalism

Their principle is ’less is more’. It mostly comes from their culture, they do not appreciate loudness or flamboyance, but rather being simple, but cool.

  • Clothing and accessories to be mixed and matched

All their pieces can be mixed and matched depending on the weather conditions, occassion or mood. For this reason, one of their favourite piece is a simple white T-shirt which can be combined with an elegant blazer and a pairing pants or simply wearing it with jeans.

  • Layers, layers, layers

Nordic people say „there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. The always changing weather conditions have made them the expert of combining clothes in layers for practical reasons, but layering is also part of their style.

  • Sustainability

Nordic countries are famous for their sustainable approach that can also be recognized in their clothing. Some of the designers are using organic materials or even second-hand and recycled fabrics.

  • Clothing and footwear always comfortable

Due to famous bike culture in the Nordic countries, mainly in Denmark, people always make sure they are wearing comfortable shoes to get on the bike any time. Do not be surprised if you see a Nordic lady in an elegant outfit, but wearing sneakers or casual boots. Practicality comes first in these combinations.

  • High quality and long lasting materials

Producing high quality clothing products is really important for the Scandinavian fashion designers. On one hand, they are trying to avoid creating waste, but on the other hand they need long lasting pieces in order to use them frequently in the mix and match combination they create.

By checking the following designers you can have a look how the above concepts appear in live:

Stine Goya 


Cecilie Bahnsen 


Cecilie Copenhagen 

Designers Remix 

House of Dagmar

Filippa K 


Saks Potts 

Malene Birger 

Samsøe & Samsøe 

If you became excited about the Nordic fashion trends, you must visit the Copenhagen Fashion Week organized bianually – in January/February and August. Sustainability is the focus point on this event, the aim is to get even more sustainability in the industry and show the latest trends of winter and summer seasons.

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