Copenhagen Must See tips and recommendations

Nyhavn: A Danish Classic

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From Nyhavn you can take a canal boat 1h trip, beautiful and guided. Take a Netto boat and you will save some money compare to Stromma boat.

Tivoli Gardens

Recommend to go in the evening when is dark as Tivoli in lights is stunning. Beautiful gardens, lots of restaurants and cafeterias to walk around. They have entrance fee 135 DKK and rides will be on top. If you like to do rides, I would suggest to buy all day pass as if you take already 3 rides it will be covered. If you like to do rides then go in the afternoon as they take few hours otherwise go there in the evening and have a dinner and walk around. They have food market there as well, if you go out from the food market then
you can get the stamp on your hand and you can come back later to the Tivoli Gardens. Food market is possible to enter without going to the gardens as well.

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Amalienborg Palace

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Next to it there is Marble church 

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Rosenborg Castle 

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Little Mermaid – biggest scam in Copenhagen 😀 but it is must see.

If you take a canal tour then you will pass by from canal side but otherwise it’s a bit of walk but close by there is Gefion fountain and English church which are beautiful and not so far from Amalienborg Palace.

Views over the city where you can go on top:

  • Christiansborg Palace tower for free
  • Round tower –
  • Our Saviour church –


The established brands are on Strøget. The backstreets are for the more adventurous– hip newer designers and exclusive “hot finds”.

More about shopping –
Definitely visit oldest department store Magasin du Nord. They have food department in the basement and
they are usually very good to give out all different tasters for Danish chocolates and candies to try. 🙂 Magasindepartment store has -10% if you are tourist, ask for it and they just need to see your ID.

Danish and Scandinavian design, visit Illmus Bolighus on the Stroget


Close to Illums Bolighus there is department store called Illum. On 5th floor they have nice roof terrace with different restaurants and very reasonable prices for the main area. Especially Bar Jacobsen 🙂
Definitely visit food market Torvehallerne situated right by Nørreport Station. You will find over 60 stands selling everything from fresh fish and meat to gourmet chocolate and exotic spices, as well as small places where you can have a quick bite to eat. There you should try Danish traditional lunch smørrebrød/open
sandwich and they look like cakes 🙂 Eat with the beer and snaps.
If you prefer to have a restaurant smørrebrød then here is quite good
On the streets you can see hot dog stands (Pølsevogn), definitely try the version with all the toppings on top. Super good and very Danish 😀

Reffen – Global street food from various stalls, plus live entertainment. (Largest in the Nordics)


Mikkeller opened by a school teacher in 2010 and ever since he has managed to elevate some beers to the gourmet status. Today Mikkeller Bar is widely regarded as one of the most visited beer bars in Copenhagen as well as the quarry of the best beers of Copenhagen. There is the one in Vesterbro and its three times bigger
baby brother in Nørrebro (Mikkeller & friends), both furnished with stylish Scandinavian furniture.
Local tip: Apart from the more than 40 different beers on tap they operate a bottle shop at Torvehallerne where you can grab a unique and very Danish “souvenir”. is another piece of craft beer heaven with lots of local and Nordic beers combined with some rare ones from all around the world. The design is rather minimalist, but they are maximalist regarding their beer selection: 61 types on tap, each displayed on an electronic menu board with the name, brewery, country of origin, alcohol level, and their consumer-friendly price.
Warpigs is also part of the Mikkeller family, located in the buzzing meatpacking district, which by
itself offers an experience out of the ordinary with several great eateries around. The bar is housed in a
converted meat packing factory attracting a wide range of people with its quirky ambience.
Local tip: What makes Warpigs unique – apart from the extensive craft beer tap list – is the killer combination
of rock music and authentic Texas BBQ. It is must if you are “meatarian” but their Mac’n’ cheese rivals the best in the USA . In short, make sure you go with a fairly empty stomach

Top free things to do in Copenhagen


It might be not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s very popular. When entering Christiania, it is therefore extremely important that you follow the Do’s and Don’ts signs up at the entrances. Here you’ll find advice against running or talking on the mobile phone inside Christiania. As well as this, visitors must not take photographs or film inside Christiania.