Have a drink in the best craft beer bars in Copenhagen

The best craft beer bars in Copenhagen are always up for debate. The beer scene in Denmark is very vibrant and there are a variety of small breweries offering
healthy competition to well-established beer labels such as Carlsberg and Tuborg. We have
picked 4 of our favorite craft beer spots that offer something for every taste – whether you
enjoy a light white beer or prefer a heavier stout!

 Best craft beer bars in Copenhagen

Photo by Lise Hannibal

Mikkeller Baghaven in Refshaleøen 

This craft beer place is owned by Mikkeller – one of the first microbreweries in Copenhagen
established in 2006. Its success with brewing delicious beers has enabled it to expand into
other parts of the world, reaching the United States and Asia. This Copenhagen-based
brewery, laboratory, and bar is located in Refshæløen, right next to Reffen – the biggest street
food market in Scandinavia. Popular among tourists and locals, the Mikkeller brand is brewing
a variety of fruited wild ales, rustic saisons, and other experimental styles locally under the
Baghaven brand. Giant oak barrels containing refreshing fermented beverages create a
perfect setting to explore new flavors and styles of beer. The bar regularly holds events such
as outdoor concerts as well as beer tastings and more information about them can be found
at www.mikkeller.com. Knowledgeable bartenders always complete the experience with
recommendations from their ever-changing draft beer menu.

 best craft beer bars in Copenhagen

Photo by Daniel Rasmussen

BRUS in Nørrebro

This industrial brewpub, eatery, and shop in Nørrebro checks all the boxes if you happen to
be thirsty in the Northern part of Copenhagen. The brewpub is called BRUS and is owned by
another established Danish brewery – To Øl. The company brews their product at the
location, where the beer travels less than 20m from the tanks right into your glass! This is the
reason why they claim to have the freshest brew in all of Copenhagen. The name BRUS comes
from the Danish word meaning the sparkling quality of carbonated beverages and there are
plenty of different styles of beer to choose from their menu. This establishment’s different
areas create a playful venue for beer lovers, who are looking to mingle with friends and have
a bite to eat. Check out the latest news and events on their website at www.tapperietbrus.dk
if you are in Nørrebro.

 best craft beer bars in Copenhagen

Photo by spiseliv.dk

Taphouse in Indre By

Taphouse – the most conveniently located brewpub, is right in the heart of the city, a short
walk from the Town Hall Square. The bar attracts both tourists and locals with a whopping 61
different taps, making it the biggest selection of tap beers in Europe and a range of food
options to satisfy every craving. Taphouse often holds beer tasting events and can be reserved
for various company events. The current selection of tapped beers can be found on their
website at www.taphouse.dk and the list is in constant change every week. Check this bar out
if you happen to be thirsty in the inner city!

 best craft beer bars in Copenhagen

Tap selection at Fermetøren

Fermentøren in Vesterbro

Fermentøren is the go-to place for many Vesterbro beer enthusiasts. This craft beer bar has
24 varieties of beers on tap and brews its own brand at the location. The bar is conveniently
located right next to the famous meat-packing district, which has now developed into a
buzzing cultural hub. Fermentøren attracts with its lovely outdoor seating area and often has
Tap Takeover events, where interesting guest beers from all over the world are being served.
Keep an eye on their website at www.fermentoren.com for the current tap beer list as well
as for any upcoming events.

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