The Best Burger Places in Copenhagen

Are you a burger lover? Copenhagen will not disappoint you, if you are ready to taste the best burger in your life. Here you can read about our top selection of burger joints you must try in Copenhagen.


At Sliders you can find a wide range of the popular American mini-burgers called sliders with french-fries and a good selection of beers. In Danish cafés and burger joints the miniature-burgers are getting more and more popular. The story behind the popularity of this small size burgers that you can eat them with only one hand and you can taste a great selection of burgers, not only sitting with one full-size burger. You can choose from 9 different sliders made with beef, pork, duck or chicken.

There are two locations in Copenhagen where you can try Sliders, one is right next to the Lakes and the other one in Vesterbro district.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Nørrebrogade 1, st., 2200 København
Enghave Plads 4, 1670 København

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s Burger has been established by Tomas Tómasson in 1981. He has six burger restaurants in Iceland, two in London and one in Berlin. Since 2014, he opened a burger restaurant in Copenhagen as well. It can be found in the Meatpacking District where the hipster style of the restaurant is a perfect fit. They believe that good music and relaxed atmosphere makes a good burger taste even better. But what makes the burger already amazing? Soft and warm bun, perfectly grilled meat, fresh vegetables and the mouth-watering sauce. The combination of these results in a classis, tasteful burger. The secret of the ingredients is the top-quality and the freshness.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Høkerboderne 21-23, 1712 København


POPL is located in Christianshavn, close to the heart of Copenhagen. They started as a pop-up burger restaurant in the summer of 2020. This burger joint is managed by the two Michelin star restaurant called Noma. The menu is quite simple, but delicious: burgers with seasonal sides and their favourite wines, beers and cocktails. The burgers are made of thoughtful products – like the beef is 100% organic, produced on the west coast of Denmark and the vegan/vegetarian options are handmade in the Noma fermentation lab. The name of POPL is coming from the latin word „populus” which means community. If you are planning a get together with friends, POPL is a nice place to choose.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Strandgade 108, 1401 København

Gasoline Grill

Gasoline Grill is the most hyped burger joint in Copenhagen. This former gas station was originally located in central Copenhagen, close to Kongens Nytorv, however, it became so popular that you can pick up your delicious burger at 7 Gasoline Grill stations around Copenhagen. In 2017, they made it to Bloombergs top 27 best burgers in the world. Does not it sound promising? You might experience a long queue, but the burger experience definitely worth it. They are open from 11:00 every day until sold out.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Landgreven 10, 1300 København

Cocks & Cows

If you a real a burger fan, you should not miss Cocks & Cows in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter. This restaurant is an amazing combination of a real American diner and the Scandinavian style. You can select from various kinds of burgers and sides from the basic ones to the most special taste combinations. Vegans and vegetarians will not remain hungry either, they are served with tasty veggie patties. They only serve 100% organic vegetables and meat from free-range farms.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Skt. Peders Stræde 38, 1453 København

Halifax Burger

The first Halifax restaurant was opened in 2007, but due to the popularity they have now 11 restaurants around Copenhagen area. If you would like to pamper your taste buds, you should try their delicious burgers served in a cosy, low-key atmosphere. What you must know about their burgers: the buns are delivered from their own bakery and they offer homemade dressings and fries. On top of the burger experience, you can also try their own pilsner from tap. Vegan menus can also be ordered, their famous Berlin burger is entirely vegan.

The Best Burger Places In Copenhagen

Vesterbrogade 72, 1620 København

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