Get a glimpse of royalty at The Royal Stables in Copenhagen

The Danish Royal Stables in Copenhagen and traditions are an essential part of Danish society. Especially for the monarchy. Back in the day, horses were an essential part of life and a symbol of luxury and power.

Therefore, breeding suitable horses for the Royal Family was paramount. And so, in 1740 The Danish Royal Stables were established at Christiansborg Palace.

The showgrounds and the two stables are the only parts of Christian IV’s original palace that have survived several fires. All 250 royal horses were stabled in the palace at the peak of its splendour. For the royal family, the horses were the living throne that carried them around the country in special events and battles. Today, there are about 20 horses in the Royal Stables. Even though times have changed and the Royal Family prefers more modern ways of transportation, they are still very fond of their royal horses and the stables.

The Danish Royal Stables | News & Trip Ideas | Amitylux Tours Blog

The Royal Stables today

The Danish Royal Stables are regularly open to the public. They include a museum where you can look at the state coaches and other carriages. Also includes stuffed royal horses, like Christian V’s favourite horse and Frederik VIIs horse, Pearl.

But surely you are here to see the current royal horses! The horses exercise daily for at least an hour in the arena behind the palace. The carriage horses drive through the streets of Copenhagen for exercise and to train them to get used to noise and traffic. If you stroll around the city and are lucky, perhaps you can spot them!

Keep in mind that all the horses are away over the summer (mid-June to mid-August). But it is still possible to see and experience the stable area, carriages, and harness collection.

A tradition that still rides on

The Danish Royal Stables still use the horses today to draw the royal carriages for ceremonial and special events. On those occasions, the white horses are tightened in front of the Gold carriage in the best gala harness. The royal carriages take the Queen from Amalienborg to Christiansborg Castle.

One of those gala events will be the Queen’s royal jubilee taking place on the 10th and 11th of September 2022. She is carried through the streets of Copenhagen in an open horse carriage. What a perfect opportunity to meet and cheer for her highness. And therefore her royal horses!

The Danish Royal Stables | News & Trip Ideas | Amitylux Tours Blog

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The Danish Royal Stables | News & Trip Ideas | Amitylux Tours Blog