The best 5 chocolatiers in Copenhagen

If it comes to chocolate in Denmark, you probably associate it with Anthon Berg. Although those marzipan bars are deservedly well-known, Copenhagen is hiding some more hidden treasures for chocoholics. As a sweet tooth, you must visit these chocolatiers and treat yourself to premium artisan chocolates. Here you can get an insight into the top selection of Copenhagen chocolatiers.

Alida Marstrand Chokolade

Alida Marstrand Chokolade has been making chocolate since 1930 and treating people with amazing products since then. If you like marzipan, you must try their unique creatures such as their marzipan cigars with nougat and cognac, covered with dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnut on the top. The recipes are from both ancient and modern times. Some of them originate back to even before the foundation of Alida Marstrand – from a chocolatier working for the Russian czar. They get orders from the Royal Palace; the Queen and the Royal Family love their chocolate.

Top 5 Chocolatiers in Copenhagen

Bredgade 14, 1260 København

Frellsen Chokolade

Frellsen Chokolade was founded in 1897. Since then, they have been making all of their chocolates by hand. The chocolate is extremely delicious and filled with many kinds of special flavours. They are decorated with great attention to detail creating an eye-catching design on top of the flavourful taste. This chocolate is a perfect gift, but you can also treat yourself to these specialities in their shop.

Top 5 Chocolatiers in Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, 2300 København

Peter Beier Chokolade

Peter Beier Chokolade is a perfect place to have a delicious afternoon tea. If you are planning to visit, you will be treated to a wide range of tasty chocolates, marzipan desserts and homemade ice cream. Their chocolate is 100% handmade using cocoa beans from their own plantation and raw materials from Ørsholt Gods where also the production is located. They regularly host events and tastings in their cafes, but you can also take their fantastic Chocolate Brunch, Afternoon Tea and Chocolate Tapas menus as a take-away.

Top 5 Chocolatiers in Copenhagen

Vesterbrogade 2V, 1550 København


Summerbird Organic was founded in 1986 by the Grønlykke family. They produce mouth-watering chocolates from 100% organic ingredients. Their speciality is amber chocolate, which is a powerful combination of white chocolate and caramel flavour and amber colour. Amber won several awards at the “International Chocolate Awards”. If you would like to taste it or surprise your loved ones, you can find their shop in the inner city of Copenhagen.

Top 5 Chocolatiers in Copenhagen

Kronprinsensgade 11, 1114 København

Ro Chokolade

Ro chokolade is a delicate shop in Nørrebro, where you can get handmade chocolate and homemade ice cream. Ro chocolate has chocolate with different flavours and in different shapes. You can get narrow, sculptural cones with champagne filling, colourful truffles with fruit or ice cream with chocolate, chilli, star anise and cinnamon. You can easily pamper your taste buds in their cosy shop.

Top 5 Chocolatiers in Copenhagen

Jægersborggade 25, 2200 København N

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