Explore Nature’s Treasures: Best Hiking Routes near Oslo for 2023

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine forests, and picturesque fjords. Oslo offers a plethora of hiking opportunities that promise awe-inspiring views and unforgettable adventures. In this article, we will guide you through the best Hiking Routes near Oslo, ensuring you make the most of your outdoor explorations. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Norway’s wilderness.


Nordmarka, a vast forested area just north of Oslo, is a hiker’s paradise. This expansive wilderness offers a wide range of trails suitable for all skill levels. Start with the popular and easily accessible Sognsvann Lake Trail, which provides a scenic loop around the tranquil lake. For a more challenging adventure, hike to the majestic summit of Grefsenkollen, where panoramic views of Oslo and the surrounding landscapes await.

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Bygdøy Peninsula

Located just a short distance from the city center, the Bygdøy Peninsula boasts a variety of hiking trails that combine nature, history, and culture. Explore the Huk to Paradisbukta Coastal Trail, which winds along the shoreline, offering breathtaking views of the Oslofjord and secluded beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the fascinating museums and cultural attractions that dot the peninsula, such as the Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum.


For a challenging and rewarding hiking experience, venture to Kolsåstoppen, a striking peak in Bærum, southwest of Oslo. This popular trail takes you through lush forests and rocky terrain, leading to the summit with panoramic views stretching across the Oslofjord. Ascend the steep trail to the top, where you can catch your breath while soaking in the awe-inspiring vistas.

Oslofjord Islands

Explore the scenic islands dotting the Oslofjord, each offering unique charm and hiking opportunities. Take a ferry to Hovedøya Island, just a 10-minute boat ride from the city center, and embark on the Hovedøya Nature Trail. Meander through tranquil forests, discover ancient ruins, and enjoy scenic coastal views. For a longer adventure, consider hiking the Fjordstien Trail, a multi-day route that connects several islands, including Hovedøya, Gressholmen, and Langøyene.

Jotunheimen National Park 

If you’re seeking a more immersive hiking experience and have a full day to spare, consider a day trip to Jotunheimen National Park, located approximately 4 hours from Oslo. This stunning mountainous region boasts awe-inspiring peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and breathtaking vistas. Hike to iconic landmarks such as Besseggen Ridge or explore the numerous trails that cater to various fitness levels, allowing you to soak in the unparalleled beauty of Norway’s wilderness.

Oslo’s proximity to nature offers a plethora of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts in 2023. From the serene forests of Nordmarka to the coastal trails of Bygdøy Peninsula, Oslo’s surroundings are a haven for hikers of all skill levels. Embark on exhilarating adventures to Kolsåstoppen, explore the idyllic Oslofjord islands, or venture further to Jotunheimen National Park for an unforgettable day trip. Embrace the beauty of Norway’s wilderness, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and create cherished memories as you hike these breathtaking routes near Oslo.

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