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The ultimate guide to exquisite cocktail bars in Stockholm

Cocktail bars in Stockholm. Cdier Bar, Grand Hotel.

Stockholm’s bar scene is as vibrant and diverse as the city itself. Are you in Stockholm on a personal trip or a business event and wondering how you will spend the night? Whether you’re looking for classic cocktails, innovative creations, or simply a cosy spot to enjoy a drink, the Swedish capital has something to offer. If you’re asking yourself where to drink cocktails in Stockholm, then these are six bars you must visit in the Swedish capital.

Lucy’s Flower Shop

Lucy’s Flower Shop, in a downtown 20th-century basement, embodies Stockholm’s charm. It dominates the city’s cocktail scene. It resembles old spy films with its rich purple and scarlet colors and intricate lighting. Bar Manager Linn Sterling provides unobtrusive, fast service. Using just four ingredients, the beverages promise surprising chemistry. The Vodka Soda shines with surprising depths. Rye & Apple, with its diverse sweet, sour, and spicy aromas, aims to be a modern classic.

Cocktail bar: Lucy’s Flower Shop. Drink: bourbon & peach michter’s bourbon, fermented white peach. Photo: Lucy’s Flower Shop.


For a trip back in time, head to Erlands in Vasastan. This vintage bar exudes 1950s charm with its retro decor and classic cocktail menu. The bartenders here are passionate about their craft, mixing up timeless drinks with precision. The Old Fashioned at Erlands is a must-try. It is a perfectly balanced blend of bourbon, bitters, and sugar. The intimate setting and live jazz performances add to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Cocktails bars in Stockholm: Erland's
Cocktail bar: Erland’s. Photo: Erland’s


Situated in the heart of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, Pharmarium occupies a space that once housed the city’s first pharmacy. The bar’s concept revolves around historical remedies and elixirs, resulting in a unique cocktail experience. Try out a cocktail from the new spring 2024 menu. Are you a nature lover? Try the Flora and Fauna or the Witches Brew if you are in a supernatural mood. The decor, featuring antique pharmacy bottles and dark wood, creates a mysterious and inviting vibe.

Cocktail bars in Stockholm: Pharmarium
Cocktail bar Pharmarium. Photo: Pharmarium

A bar called Gemma

Have you ever thought about how happy you were on your birthday as a child? Or the thrill of being totally in love? Gemma brings out the happy mood that has been in the air since it opened in 2019. Johan Evers and Oscar Drigoris are the owners of this bar, and their mission is to make people happy. The name doesn’t refer to a person but to their ideals, which are kindness, great craftsmanship, zero waste, and making sure everyone feels safe. What do they serve? In their signature drink, the Gemma, which is a strong mix of gin, pistachio saké, ginger, and preserved grapefruit with lime, stories and ideas from around the world come together.

Cocktail bars in Stockholm, A bar called Gemma
Cocktail bar in Stockholm, A bar called Gemma. Drink: Reverend eye. Photo: A bar called Gemma

  Linje Tio  

Another gem in Södermalm, Linje Tio, is renowned for its innovative cocktails and lively atmosphere. The bar takes its name from the historic tram line number 10 that once ran through the area. Drinks like the Tram 10, a complex concoction of aquavit, apple, and dill, highlight local ingredients and flavors. The bar’s industrial-chic decor and bustling crowd make it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

Cocktails bars in Stockholm. Linje Tio
Cocktail bar: Linje Tio, beet cocktail. Photo: Keith Mattingly

Cadier Bar

The Cadier Bar is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. This classic bar is perfect for those looking to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a refined setting. The Cadier Cocktail, with its blend of champagne, cognac, and Grand Marnier, is a signature drink that epitomizes the bar’s lushness. The plush seating and attentive service ensure a luxurious experience from start to finish.

Cocktails bars iln Stockholm: Cadier Bar at the Grand Hotel.
Cadier cocktail bar. Photo: Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Stockholm’s diverse and cosmopolitan cocktail scene will cater to everyone’s desires, even the most eclectic and demanding ones. So, dress up and let the majestic Swedish nightlife sweep you away. Indulge yourself to ambrosial liquor in one of the exquisite cocktail bars in Stockholm.