The Best Viking Sites in Denmark

The Danish Viking age is from 800 to 1050 AD. During these almost three hundred years, the Denmark Vikings played a dominant part in many important events in Europe. They plied the coastal waters of Europe in their open square-rigged vessels. The word Viking could be found on several contemporary Scandinavian runic stones. The Danish Vikings went on raids and trading expeditions down the European coast.

Vikings were highly skilled traders. They had trade connections around most of their known world. Vikings were often invited to settle where they came to let the local community benefit from their trade skills. Vikings had a strong sense of honor and competitiveness.


Viking Markets

As a proof of their trading history, there is still a tradition of Viking markets until now. The Viking Moot is considered to be Denmark’s oldest Viking Market. This is one of the most popular Denmark events held in Aarhus every year on the last weekend of July. What makes this festival incredible with its average 20.000 visitors yearly is that historic groups recreate the epic battles and stories from ages past.

If you are into Viking culture, you might want to check out the International Viking Market Denmark in the Viking Center in Ribe. You will be amazed by the authenticity of the market atmosphere and feel like you are back 1300 years ago. The ultimate Viking experience is guaranteed and you can learn a lot about how the Danish Viking lived and worked.

You can also see how the Denmark Vikings create their arts and crafts.  You can find out how to weave and how jewelry, glass beads, leather pouches, shoes are made. To have a truly memorable historical and fun event, you should not miss Viking Center.


Viking Ships

Vikings have been famous for their unique ships called Dragon Ship with a distinctive dragon head at the front and back. Reconstructions of Viking ships today have demonstrated something interesting. The Viking ship was as or even more seaworthy and easily manoeuvrable than the last sailing ships that were in use before steam powered boats took over from sail ships in the 20th century.

If you would like to see traditional Viking ships, you should definitely visit the Viking Ship museum in Roskilde. You can even try riding on one of these ships from the Viking museum Denmark harbour on Roskilde Fjord. The oldest part of the Roskilde Viking Museum is the Viking Ship Hall, opened in 1969 to feature five Viking ships found at Skuldelev. According to assumptions, these ships were intentionally sunk to form a blockade in order to protect Roskilde from enemy attack from the sea.

A 36-meter ling Viking warship is one of the most popular finds you can see in this museum. Besides the attractions, you can enjoy quite a lot of activities offered by the museum. For example, you can ride in a traditional Nordic boat and improve your rowing skills and learn how to set the sail. An experienced sailing instructor takes charge of leading each boat. One more exciting activity is the boat builder workshop held at the boatyard of the museum. You can test your Viking tools skills and cut your own wooden designs.


Viking Festivals

Last, but not least, where you can really experience the Viking way of living are the local Viking Festivals. One of the most famous ones is Vikingspil held in the town of Frederikssund at the end of June or early weeks of July. More than 250 volunteers wear Viking costumes and perform in a series of plays. If you are into music, you can enjoy some musical performances about the Vikings as well.

Another popular festival is held in the Viking fortress of Trelleborg. This festival also takes place during the summer. You can participate in demonstrations and training on certain Viking practices and watch recreation of battles. It can be an exciting programme for the whole family.


Viking sites across Denmark

If you get excited about learning more about Viking culture, here you can find some recommended sites to visit in Denmark on top of the above- mentioned Viking Center and Viking Museum.

  • the National Museum in Copenhagen
  • the Jelling Stones in Jutland
  • Trelleborg in Seland
  • Ladby Ship in Funen
  • Lindholm Hoje in North Jutland

If you need help to explore these places and would like to deepen your knowledge about the Danish Vikings, book a custom tour with Amitylux and let our knowledgeable guides show you the most interesting attractions and guide you to the most exciting Viking sites.