Happiest Countries

Which countries are the World’s Happiest Countries? The United Nations’ World Happiness Report features a ranking of the world’s happiest nations, and guess who tops this list? The Nordic countries, of course!

Happiest Countries | Finland 🇫🇮

Finland tops the list of the happiest countries globally. The Finns are the happiest people in the world for the 5th time in a row, and Helsinki is the happiest city. Perhaps it is its fantastic nature, the love Finns have for a good cup of coffee, or maybe even the amount of saunas there are! Finns are proud to say they live in the happiest country in the world!

A photo of Helsinki | The World's Happiest Countries: Tribute to Magic Scandinavia | Amitylux Tours | Scandinavian Guided Tours | VIP & Luxury Experiences in the Nordics

Helsinki, Finland | Happiest Countries

Happiest Countries | Denmark 🇩🇰

Just behind Finland comes Denmark. The country of the Little Mermaid, LEGO and Tivoli was bound to be happy. A place that seems taken from H. C. Andersen’s adventures. In addition, Denmark’s nature, stunning landscapes and quality of life can make anyone feel a special joy unmatched anywhere else.

A photo of Nyhavn Harbour, Denmark | The World's Happiest Countries: Tribute to Magic Scandinavia | Amitylux Tours | Scandinavian Guided Tours | VIP & Luxury Experiences in the Nordics

Nyhavn Harbour, Denmark | Happiest Countries

Not Far Behind | Sweden and Norway   🇸🇪 🇳🇴

Finally, closing the list of the Nordic countries, Norway (6th) and Sweden (7th) are next. The standard of living added to the quality of life complemented their position as two of the happiest countries in the world. In summary, Scandinavia is a stunningly beautiful place, and its people seem to be the first to enjoy and appreciate life in it.

Two photos; the one up from Norway and the other down of Sweden | The World's Happiest Countries: Tribute to Magic Scandinavia | Amitylux Tours | Scandinavian Guided Tours | VIP & Luxury Experiences in the Nordics

Top: Bergen, Norway | Bottom: Stockholm, Sweden | Happiest Countries

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