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Top 10 tourist attractions in Helsinki

Why are the Nordic nations constantly on the list of the happiest countries worldwide? What separates Scandinavia from the rest? Let’s find out in this article!

Bikes are everywhere in Denmark | Amitylux Tours

Copenhagen is the bike capital of the world, and it all started with the Danes and their love for biking. Find out why Danes and bikes are made for each other.

The Danish Royal Stables | News & Trip Ideas | Amitylux Tours Blog

The Danish Royal Stables are regularly open to the public and include a museum where you can look at the state coaches and other carriages.

LEGO experience in Denmark | News & Trip Ideas | Amitylux Travel Blog

Saying the word LEGO brings a smile to the faces of countless children worldwide. Children worldwide have enjoyed playing with LEGO, perhaps one of the most famous plastic toys. So let’s find out more about it!

Copenhagen knows about chocolate, with many chocolate shops that will fill your craving for sweets.