A Complete Guide to the Irresistible Fastelavn Carnival Culinary Tradition

Guide to the Irresistible Fastelavn Carnival Culinary Tradition | Amitylux Tours | Guided City Tours | VIP & Luxury Experiences

Fastelavn, is a Carnival tradition rooted in Denmark’s rich cultural heritage. 

This cherished celebration occurs seven weeks before Easter Sunday, typically falling on a Sunday between February 1st and March 7th.

During this time, people of all ages dress up in colorful costumes, immersing themselves in traditional events. Among these, the beloved “slå katten af tønden” stands out. This is a playful homage to past beliefs where cats symbolized malevolence, transformed today into a delightful game akin to the popular piñata tradition.

Central to Fastelavn’s allure is its culinary delights, steeped in tradition and cherished by generations of Danes.

Join us on a culinary journey through the flavors of Fastelavn, and immerse yourself in the gastronomic wonders that have captivated Danish palates for centuries.


Fastelavnsboller, known as Fastelavn buns in English, are delightful pastries that reign supreme during Fastelavn.

These soft, fluffy buns are often filled with a generous swirl of whipped cream or custard and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.

In Denmark, Fastelavnsboller is readily available in numerous bakeries, pastry shops, and supermarkets. However, for an ultimate experience make sure to visit the renowned Andersen Bakery, Juno the Bakery, and Hart Bageri.


Another beloved treat associated with Fastelavn is the Berliner.

Similar to a doughnut, this deep-fried pastry is round and often filled with a rich custard or jam, such as strawberry or raspberry. Its golden exterior is traditionally covered in powdered sugar, making it an irresistible treat during the Fastelavn season.

Just like Fastelavnsboller, Berliners are readily available in several bakeries, pastry shops, and supermarkets. For the finest Berliner treats, we recommend visiting famous bakeries in Copenhagen such as Lille Bakery, Bageriet Brod, and Juno the Bakery.


For almond enthusiasts, Mazarin presents the ideal treat during Festelavn.

These irresistible pastries consist of a rich almond filling encased in a buttery pastry shell. Decorated with a delicate icing drizzle and a single cherry on top, Mazarin offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

While Mazarin can be found in several cafes across Copenhagen, Conditori La Glace stands out as the best destination to taste this almond delight.

Katten af Tønden Cake

As the grand finale of our culinary journey, we cannot forget the Katten af Tønden Cake.

This decadent cake is shaped like a barrel and is often filled with layers of sponge cake, cream, and fruit.

The exterior is usually covered in marzipan, decorated with festive motifs, and topped with a small candy figurine representing the traditional Fastelavn cat.

While you can find this cake in supermarkets and local bakeries during Fastelavn, we highly recommend tasting it at a sophisticated and innovative bakery such as Hahnemanns Køkken. 

Fastelavn offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in Denmark’s flavorful culinary heritage. Gather your loved ones, wear your best costumes, and join us on a delectable journey through Fastelavn treats! Skål!