The Best 5 Spas in Copenhagen

The Danes are famous for their healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, they consider it essential to be physically active every day, but on the other hand, they also focus on mental health at the same level. Relaxing is a key to achieving harmony in the body and mind. 

Spas in Copenhagen | CopenHot

If you are ready for a unique spa experience, you must try CopenHot in the centre of Copenhagen. You can relax in the outdoor hot tubs or enjoy the panoramic view of the harbour from the inside. You can also explore the harbour by booking a private tour in a sailing hot tub. Going with friends on a Relax & Race tour arranged by CopenHot and RibAlex can also be fun. They get you on a rib boat and ride at Øresund (on the water between Denmark and Sweden), and then you can enjoy an hour of Hot Tub wellness.

Photo of people in a spa

CopenHot | The Best 5 Spas in Copenhagen | Source: CopenhHot Facebook Page

Spas in Copenhagen | Samadhi Spa

Another great option is Samadhi Spa. Samadhi Spa is a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved one in a romantic atmosphere. In addition, you can have a private jacuzzi and enjoy foot and body massage, facial treatment, scalp massage, or sauna. Finally, you can enjoy a 3-course dinner including appetizers, desserts and a bottle of champagne.

Samadhi Spa | Spas in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Samadhi Spa | Spas in Copenhagen

Spas in Copenhagen | Arndal Spa

Arndal Spa can offer an equally fantastic experience. All the body treatments are performed with organic products which help your skin to rebirth. On top of the wellness treatment, you can enjoy fitness facilities and have a personal trainer who can help you keep fit even on your holiday. Further, Arndal Spa is highly recommended for mothers-to-be and new mothers who are pampered with special care. Lastly, they can enjoy special massages and fitness training before and after giving birth.

Arndal Spa | Spas in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Arndal Spa | Spas in Copenhagen

Spas in Copenhagen | Fish Kiss

Have you ever tried foot and manicure fish treatment? If not, you should not miss Fish Kiss in Copenhagen. During the treatment, a glass of champagne is offered. Do not forget to pamper your feet; they deserve it after a nice walking tour in the city. You can also enjoy the typical Danish “hyggelig” atmosphere in the light of scented candles and listen to the sound of running water and relaxing music. Both your body and mind will be fully charged after this experience.

Fish Kiss | Spas in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Fish Kiss | Spas in Copenhagen

Spas in Copenhagen | Aire Ancient Baths 

This is your place, Aire Ancient Baths if you are a big fan of ancient culture. They provide exclusive rituals inspired by Ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman bathing traditions. It is located inside an old Carlsberg Brewery building, providing a better atmosphere of the ancient world. The light of candles and the sound of water guarantee a comfortable environment. Discover the Ancient Thermal Bath and choose a relaxing massage to relieve all your stress.

Aire Ancient Bath | Spas in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Aire Ancient Bath | Spas in Copenhagen

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