Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen: Feel The Magic All Year Round

Tivoli is definitely at the top of the list of popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen. It is a magical amusement park and a fantastic garden with plenty of entertainment opportunities. Moreover, it is an excellent fit for everybody, from a very young age to adults. Nonetheless, although Tivoli is not open all year, every season, they create a unique and breathtaking environment in which your fun time is guaranteed.

Shiny Tivoli Gardens by Night | Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Shiny Tivoli Gardens by Night | Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens | April to September

The first season typically starts in April when the days become longer, and the sun shines brighter. Also, Easter is celebrated this time of the year, and Tivoli arranges fun activities for children and their parents. Moreover, Tivoli becomes full of people enjoying live performances, concerts and fireworks shows. In the meantime, you can have an ice-cold beer picking from plenty of bars, or if you get hungry, you can choose from a wide range of restaurants. Last but not least, you have a chance to try some Danish specialities in some of them as well.

Blosssoming Tivoli Gardens by Day | Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Blosssoming Tivoli Gardens by Day | Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens | October

After the summer, Tivoli closes its doors to the public to prepare the Halloween decorations. You can certainly feel the spooky vibe, but do not worry; the warmth of the pumpkin lights will soothe your soul. Furthermore, you might buy your creepiest costume in one of the shops! You can even participate in pumpkin carving to make your lamp at home on the weekend closest to Halloween.

In addition, since this time of the year is getting chilly, you can warm yourself up with hot drinks from the parks’ cafes and restaurants. On top of all these experiences, you should not miss the yearly Danish Championship in Giant Pumpkins either. The record is 970,4 kilos. Can you imagine such a giant pumpkin? If not, see it with your own eyes during Halloween at Tivoli Gardens.

Pumpkins Decorated for Halloween | Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Pumpkins Decorated for Halloween | Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens | December

Christmas is a perfect time to relax and spend quality time with family and friends, and what better place to celebrate than Tivoli? You can be lost in the forest of Christmas trees, and the lovely heart decorations help you to remember that Christmas is about sharing love. Next, one thing you must try is called “gløgg”, – which is the Danish version of mulled wine. Moreover, the best combination to test is with „æbleskriver”, which is also part of the typical Danish Christmas traditions – small cakes filled with one slice of apple inside. You can be sure that it will also warm your body and heart.

Christmas Decorations | Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen | Amitylux Tours Blog

Christmas Decorations | Tivoli Gardens

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