Exploring Unique Museums In Scandinavia

Welcome, travelers, to the enchanting realm of Scandinavian culture! 

Situated in the northern reaches of Europe, Scandinavia boasts breathtaking landscapes, a rich history, and a thriving arts community. Among the many highlights of exploring Scandinavia is its impressive array of museums. However, this time we want to dive away from the typical museum scene. Indeed, in today’s blog post, we’re taking you on a virtual tour of four exceptional museums that promise unforgettable experiences. From the tranquil landscapes of northern Finland to the vibrant cityscapes of Stockholm, we’ll explore the Sami National Museum, LEGO House, Moomin World, and the ABBA Museum. 

The Norsk Folkemuseum in Norway 

The Norske Folkemuseum in Oslo captivates Norwegian history and culture in a different way than traditional museums. Indeed, this is an open-air museum that boasts over 160 historic buildings, offering visitors an immersive experience into Norway’s rich heritage. Explore authentic homes, farmsteads, and workshops, meticulously preserved to showcase life throughout the ages. From traditional stave churches to rustic cabins and Sami dwellings, each structure tells a unique story of Norwegian life. Dive into exhibitions featuring folk art, costumes, and handicrafts, providing valuable insights into the country’s cultural traditions. With guided tours, workshops, and seasonal events, the Norske Folkemuseum is a must-visit destination for those seeking to discover the charm and beauty of Norway’s past. 

Norsk Folkemuseum | Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo

Lego House in Denmark 

Unleash your inner builder and child at LEGO House! Located in Billund, this unique museum celebrates the iconic LEGO brick with interactive exhibits, hands-on building stations, and awe-inspiring LEGO sculptures. Here you can dive into themed zones dedicated to creativity and exploration, and let your imagination run wild. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or just curious to experience the magic of LEGO, a visit to LEGO House promises an unforgettable adventure filled with fun and inspiration. 

LEGO House | Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund

Moomin World in Finland 

Step into the magical realm of Moomin World, Finland’s enchanting museum in Naantali. Inspired by Tove Jansson’s beloved characters, this whimsical theme park offers an immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Indeed, here you can explore charming Moomin houses, meet iconic characters like Moomintroll and Snufkin, and embark on interactive adventures. Along with storytelling sessions, theater performances, and surprises at every turn, Moomin World promises an unforgettable journey into the imaginative world of the Moomins.

Moomin World | Kaivokatu 5, 21101 Naantali

The ABBA Museum in Sweden 

Step into the glittering world of pop music at the ABBA Museum, a must-see attraction in Stockholm. While you walk through the streets of Stockholm with us, stop here to celebrate the legendary music group ABBA. Indeed, this interactive museum invites visitors to sing along to classic hits like “Dancing Queen” and dance on stage with holographic band members. With a treasure trove of memorabilia, costumes, and fascinating insights into ABBA’s rise to fame, the museum offers a captivating journey through pop music history. Whether you’re a devoted fan or simply curious, the ABBA Museum promises an unforgettable experience filled with music, nostalgia, and joy.

The ABBA Museum | Djurgårdsvägen 68, 115 21 Stockholm